Terms and Conditions



General Information

If your cake contains figures made from sugar paste, whilst edible, we do not advise that they be eaten, due to the possible presence of dowels (dried spaghetti or sugar sticks) for reinforcement.

We strongly advise customers to not opt for dark coloured fresh cream, as the coloring used WILL result in the cream having a bitter taste.

Should the icing on the cake be gold or silver as requested, kindly note that the icing is NOT edible.

All orders must be collected from Cakes for Africa. In the event that you are not sattisfied with the product given to you in store, we request that you immediately inform the consultant assisting you about the issue. Please check that your cake has the correct colors, details and that it is free from any spelling errors.

Should you request a third party to collect your order, it is your responsibility to inform this person of the correct order details. We do not take responsibility for any errors that are discovered after the cake has left our premises.

Should you order a cream cake, please note that these cakes MUST be refrigerated.

We accept no responsibility for any damage sustained to the cake once it has left our premises.

Transporting your cake.

When transporting your cake you need to make sure you have a flat clear space for your cake to sit. This could include the boot of the car ~ as long as everything else has been removed and no flying/moving objects are going to damage your cake, Or possibly the front foot well of the vehicle, again as long as it is clear from any other objects.
Once you have collected your cake and it is safely stowed in your vehicle, it is your responsibility. Any damage caused to the cake due to careless handling will not be re-funded.


Cancellations of orders will be penalised accordingly:
2 weeks notice of cancellation will be charged at 10% cancellation fee
1 week notice of cancellation will be charged at 25% cancellation fee
2 days notice of cancellation will result in 100 cancellation fee. No monies will be paid back to you upon cancellation

Cancellation fees are calculated on the total amount of the order, and NOT on the deposit amound paid.


Orders need to be collected at the time specified. Cakes for Africa and it’s staff members will not be held responsible for orders that were not collected.
It is the responsibility of the customer to collect orders on time. Cakes for Africa and it’s staff members will not contact customers to remind them of their orders that need to be collected.
Cakes for Africa and it’s staff members will not be allowed to wait after closing time for a customer, no orders will be left with staff members.

Changes to orders

Any changes made to existing orders must be emailed through to lmlcakes@mweb.co.za. No telephonic cancellations will be accepted.